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Computer Clean-Up / Tune-Up Service

Computer Clean-Up / Tune-Up Service

Is your computer sluggish? Is it slow to start-up and shut-down? Why not give your PC and overhaul and benefit from:

  • Faster Browsing
  • Fewer PC Crashes and Freezes
  • Faster File-Access
  • An Optimized Registry
  • More Stable System

Tips for a Faster PC or Laptop

1) Avoid installing programs willy-nilly. The more programs you install on your PC, the more likely "registry bloat" will set in. A bloated registry means your computer has to sift through more and more files each time you run your everyday programs like MS Office, Firefox etc.

2) Security – Viruses, trojans, malware and adware are all a significant cause of system slow down. Install a quality anti-virus / security package and keep it updated.

3) Safer Browsing - You can have the most sophisticated security software available but it is still possible to get infected. Make sure you're using a safe and regularly updated browser like Mozilla Firefox. Try to make sure the sites you visit are reputable and safe. A utility like SiteAdvisor (free to download) can help you determine how safe a particular website is.

4) Keep it Cool - Having a cool processor (CPU) is one of the holy grails of computing. If your processor gets too hot, you will notice a huge decrease in speed. One of the worst culprits of overheating processors is dust. A desktop PC is inducting air in all the time along with tiny dust particles (especially if the system is used in a room with a non-carpeted floor). This dust accumulates on your heat sink and can cause a thick layer to form which can, in due course cause overheating. Make sure all vents and heat-sinks on your system are free from dust build-up.

5) Make sure your PC has enough horsepower – Your PC hardware should meet or preferably exceed all of your software manufacturers recommended requirements. For example, running Photoshop or AutoCAD on a PC with only 512 MB of RAM and a Celeron processor could be a very frustrating experience compared to running the same programs on a system which has a Quad-Core Intel Processor and 3GB of RAM.