Get your Wi-Fi fixed in Dublin

How Our Service Works

We strive to make our computer repair service as quick and hassle-free as possible.

3 Service Options to Suit You


A technician arrives at your Office or Home.

They resolve your problem (s) on-site.

You can test the system before our technician leaves to check everything is to your complete satisfaction or have any of your questions answered.


A technician arrives at your place of work or home.

They collect the system from you, (this can be your office or office reception area).

The system can be delivered back to your place of work or home at a time that suits you.

3) Remote Support

Call us to arrange a remote session login.

You download software which enables us to take control of your computer.

Once your problem has been successfully resolved, you can terminate the remote login connection yourself and remove the login software from your system.

Customer Service Charter


1) To treat you with courtesy and respect.

2) To maintain the confidentiality of your data.

3) Your right to a value-for-money service.

4) Your right not to pay us anything should you believe the problem has not been successfully resolved.

5) Your right to be spoken to in a language you understand. We love dealing with technology people but we do not expect everybody to be a technology expert.

6) Your right to responsive after-service care. For us, our service does not end when a technician leaves your home or office. Each case is only considered "closed" only when you are 100 % satisfied.