Get your Wi-Fi fixed in Dublin

Networking, VPN, Server Solutions

Networking, VPN, Server Solutions

Networking Services

A wired network set-up is still the backbone of many offices.

We provide solutions to common network problems such as:

  • Some users not being able to access shared folders on other computers or the server.
  • You cannot print reliably or print at all from some systems.
  • Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 needs to have Active Directory configured for new users.
  • Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 needs to have user permissions in Active Directory modified.
  • Applications such as Sage, Quickbooks, AutoCAD need to be installed and configured on the server for shared use.
  • Making sure your firewall is securely configured.

Need to expand your existing Network?

Addition of PCs/ Laptops to Network

Making sure they can "talk" to the server.

Making sure they can synch with applications on your server such as accounting packages and customer databases.

Addition of Printer to Network

Do you need your printer(s) connected to your network?

We configure printer sharing and printer servers so you can benefit from centralised printing for each client PC on your network.

We work with laser printers, ink-jet, photocopier-combo printers and large format plotters.

Addition of new Hubs, Switches, Modems and Routers

Do you need to add or remove a hub, switch, modem or router?

All of these devices can be added to your patch panel to work with your network.

Networking, VPN, Server Solutions

VPN Solutions

On-the-go or remote access to your work computer or server

Do you need access your work computer or server from on-the-go or from home? Until recently, only large enterprises could afford VPN connections for their staff. Now VPNs are integrated into firewalls and other UTM (unified threat management) devices that small businesses can afford.

We setup and troubleshoot remote login and VPN connections including:

  • Setup, configuration and troubleshoot of a VPN router.
  • Setup, configuration and troubleshoot of VPN software on server.
  • Setup, configuration and troubleshoot of VPN software on client computers.

VPN Tips

1) The reliability and performance of a VPN will often depend on the quality of your ISP's service. Make sure the ISP you choose for your office broadband offers excellent uptime rates, connection speeds and VPN compatibility.

2) Do not try to mix and match equipment. For a fully functional and reliable VPN connection, we recommend you buy equipment from one manufacturer rather than two or three.

3) Make sure the encryption protocol used with your VPN is compatible with your hardware. For example, if you intend accessing your VPN with a smartphone, do not use IPSEC encryption.